6 Ways Social Media Helps Your Presentation Resonate

0 Posted by - 05/20/2011 - Strategy

When planning a presentation, it is necessary to make sure the conversation is relevant and connects to the entire audience. Nancy Duarte, founder of Duarte and author of Resonate and Slide:ology, gives us six ways to utilize social media in a presentation.

The reasoning behind this diagram is that the popularity of social media presenters are looking to find ways for their audience to interact. The six different categories in the “Connecting To Your Audience” diagram are Listen, Create, Present, Broadcast, Measure, and Adapt.


1. Listen: In the first step, you must know your audience perfectly. Ask yourself questions like, “What places do they like? and What are their similarities?” Also making your presentation genuine will help you seem sincere, creating a more resonant message.

2. Create: It is important to make something visually pleasing and exciting. Sound bites, graphics, and documents or videos are a few examples. You want your message to come across well-crafted and easily accessed. “Shareability is the true essence of social media,” says Duarte.

3. Present: Make sure that when you’re on the stage, you embrace the moment whether using a clicker, live chatter, or auto-tweet live. Keep the audience interested and involved. You can hire visual note-takers to tweet images of what they see. The goal is to keep the conversation moving.

4. Broadcast: “The currency of social media is reciprocity,” says Duarte. You must build a community on all the various media channels, including livestreams directly posted on YouTube and Vimeo, as well as inviting bloggers and media to help cover the presentation.

5. Measure: This step is very valuable, but often overlooked. It is important that you measure not how many people, but if they are the right ones and whether your message stayed with them.

6. Adapt: Lastly, you want to make sure that any of the knowledge you gained in presenting is applied to the ones to come. This will make a more meaningful connection with the audience the next time you present.

Following these tips can reward positive outcomes. It is true that audience members respond better when they are given the chance to respond and interact with the presentation. Duarte works to give presenters the ins and outs of what will keep the audience interested and wanting to come back for more.