10 iPhone Apps The Fashion Industry Can’t Survive Without

0 Posted by - 05/18/2011 - Mobile

We all know that the iPhone is the mobile phone of choice in the fashion industry, and every fashionista loves a good iPhone app. So, we’ve compiled a list of 10 iPhone apps that every fashion person needs in order to survive the fashion world.

1. RedLaser: You know you better check the retail price before you buy, honey.


2. Instagram: Integrate it into your Tumblr and Posterous to avoid downloading those apps! Need to know what brands to follow? We’ve made a list for you!


3. Hootsuite: Muiltiple Twitter accounts for multiple online personalities.


4. POSE: When you get sick of Instagram and need a straight stream of fashion porn.


5. WWDBlast: We like our fashion news like we like our men: fast, fashionable and fierce.


6. FLUD: Want an easier way to read your favorite blogs and customize your content without installing all their individual apps? Well, they did it. You can also try Instapaper, depending on your visual tastes.

7. Bump: Always handy when you forget business cards.


8. Daily Zen: Seriously, it will save your life when you’re having a meltdown at your desk, in a meeting or hiding in the clothing closet at that magazine that doesn’t pay you enough.


9. LinkedIn: Because you want to look professional.


10. Guides By Modern Luxury: Best city guides anywhere. Eat.Shop. San Francisco is our fave of all. The books are great, too!