Be Vain And Advertise Your Instagram Pics

0 Posted by - 07/15/2011 - Mobile

We’re still waiting for Instagram to do a few things, including providing “follow me” buttons and vanity URLs for our coveted Instagram accounts. However, The Next Web informed us of a third party application called Followgram that offers these things now. We kind of like instant gratification, so we checked it out.


Followgram is a web app developed in a way that allows Instagram users to enhance their photo sharing experiences. Followgram creates an Instagram follow button to be embedded on websites and blogs. It also provides users with a vanity URL, personal photo gallery, friends, followers & following lists.

How Followgram Works

The set-up is easy and the perks can be seen quickly with Followgram. Once you approve the Followgram app, you receive a vanity url, which looks like this: This allows you to easily share your Instagram profile online. You will also receive the html code for a “Follow me on Instagram” button so you can advertise your Instagram account in relevant places like your website and blog. It’s easy to find and follow other users on Followgram, too.

This is a smart application and we wonder how long it will be before Instagram develops something like this or acquires a third party service to do it for them.