Norma Kamali Launches Interactive 3D eCommerce + Runway Site

0 Posted by - 09/16/2011 - E-Commerce

Designer and digital pioneer, Norma Kamali, brings her collection to life with a fashion first: an innovative eCommerce site and short film featured in 3D video format.

Her website,, launched this week allowing viewers to see her product in vivid detail. Over 20,000 fans requested through her Facebook page a free pair of custom 3D viewing glasses in her signature cat-eye shape. Viewers can also opt to see her video in 2D by selecting the respective options in the YouTube player.


With cheeky models shimmying to jazzy music, Norma’s eight minute video is not your typical fashion presentation. “I am hoping that people see 3D not just as a source of entertainment, but as a shopping utility,” Norma says. “In the future, we will be able to view, shop and play with fashion in 3D. Brands are working on technology to enable us to view images without wearing 3D glasses, too. We’re on the edge of making this technology more accessible for everyone.”

Inspired by the 3D film Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Norma says she became obsessed with the idea of translating that experience into fashion. While watching the film, the texture and enhanced detail of a character’s clothing caught her eye. Norma then recalls purchasing a cheap 3D camera and experimenting in her studio. She saw its potential for eCommerce and hired a 3D film crew to bring new dimensions to her customer’s online shopping experience.

Kamali has always been a leading digital innovator in the fashion industry. She was among the first to launch an eCommerce website, create QR codes to enhance the in-store shopping experience and offer exclusive sales to her Facebook fans. When it comes to innovation, Norma believes in staying”true to who you are and reinvent to be relevant.” We’d believe she has the right idea.