Consumer Behavior and Product Design: Retail Trends 2014-2015

0 Posted by - 06/11/2014 - Design

Design – whether it be for fashion, home or any lifestyle vertical – is built upon FORECASTING. As a result, we’ve built multi-million dollar businesses upon the ability to predict and tell designers, companies, and marketers what people want, before they consciously realize they want it.

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Forecasting is FUTURECASTING and, as futurecasters, we’re interpreting and anticipating what consumers will want to purchase. We scan tens of thousands of images, look at historical purchase data and patterns, as well as look for predictive indicators of what’s coming next. It’s why every six months, we have fashion weeks and trades shows. Every six months, we show what’s coming next – though we have ideas of what’s coming two, three and even five years out.

There are still those who ask, “Where does it all start? Where is the source of inspiration for what comes down the runways and is available in your favorite department stores?”

SOURCING at MAGIC partnered with WHY THIS WAY and Woodbury University’s Fashion Marketing Department to research consumer behavior and its influence on textiles. From this collaboration, we’ve created a first of its kind trend report that highlights of what finished products will be comprised. We look at the elements that make up finished designs and trends aligned to current consumer purchase behavior to paint a picture of what’s coming next.

So, if you see how Mad Men has impacted consumers’ need for heritage and CRAFTSMANSHIP or how The Hunger Games is driving MODERN, don’t worry, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to see.

This concept report focuses on consumer interest for the next year (2014 – 2015). We not only highlight the materials (textiles, trims, treatments, but highlight the consumer needs and interests. We’ve introduced ‘Sources’ from vendors found at SOURCING at MAGIC that are offering the best of the materials to create these concepts for multiple markets. So whether you’re a car manufacturer, menswear designer or interior design company, this is applicable to you. We you enjoy the creative insights found within this CONCEPT REPORT.