5 Ways To Market Your Fashion Products Through Video

0 Posted by - 04/08/2015 - Strategy

This past February, Jodi Harouche, President and Creative Director of Multimedia Plus, spoke at MAGIC about how companies can use video to enhance the in-store experience. With clients such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Coach and Kate Spade, Harouche is the perfect candidate to lead the conversation about utilizing video for business. We are pleased to share this overview on how your brand can leverage video to inspire, communicate, provide educational information, or simply drive traffic.

Check out these five tips on how to use video to enhance your brand’s marketing strategy:

1.  Use your video time wisely. There has been a shift in video consumption. In 2010, the average attention span for video was 12 seconds. In 2015, the average attention span for video has dropped down to five seconds. As people now multi-task with their technology (watching TV while listening to music, surfing the web while watching TV, etc.), it becomes harder than ever to cut through the noise. So, it is important to use time wisely; making your video more sexy, impactful and repetitive.

2.  Know your audience. Knowing your audience is key when producing media such as video. Think about who is watching, what you want the outcome to be, and focus on that. If you want your video to concentrate on beauty, be sure that you have gorgeous closeup shots. If you want to shoot a store tour, be sure to cover the environment; where you are located and attractions in your neighborhood. You want to be the expert that your audience turns to for information surrounding your brand.

3.  Appeal to your viewers’ emotions. Share something that will impact your viewers or the results that you are looking for. Repeat that element in numerous ways to drive the point home.

4.  Pick a style for your videos. For branding purposes, make sure that all of your videos share a certain feel and have similar endings. This will ensure that your creative efforts translate in a cohesive manner while supporting your brand’s story.

5.  Use video internally, too. Employees who work for your brand can glean so much more from video. The information springs to life and becomes a strong advocate of your brand. Everything from your brand’s heritage and where your materials are sourced to your company culture can be related in a stimulating way through video.

“Remember: It is not about the production value of your video; it is about bringing something flat to life.” – Jodi Harouche

How do you use video to market your brand?